What People Are Saying

A lot of fun

Brett’s workshop was a lot of fun. She made failure safe very quickly. I’ve continued to use and share the simple exercises with friends and family to help inform kinder, more supportive ways of responding in conversations. I’ve noticed my internal critic has also gained a sense of humour and has a much more supportive tone since attending the Be Improv workshop. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Nelson BC, July 2019

Amazing experience

I found I stretched myself in ways that I had never even thought about. The idea of adults playing is radical and life changing! Amazing experience!

Victoria BC, July 2017

Listening with my eyes and ears

I spend a lot of time talking to and listening to people, this workshop helped me learn how to do both of those things better, both with my ears and my eyes.

Nelson BC, Aug 2017

Personal discovery

If you are up for fun and personal discovery, this is an invigorating workshop in which to do both! Loved it!

Nelson BC, Aug 2017

Hilariously fun

Entertaining! Thought-provoking! Hilariously fun! Like toastmasters on acid.

Victoria BC, Dec 2017

Enlightened in body and soul

Brett is a natural teacher… and one who has such ease with her material and her methods that it is truly impossible not to walk away feeling enlightened in body and soul!

Nelson BC, March 2018

No preparation needed

I loved the fact that I did not have to prepare for this workshop. I just had to show up in comfortable clothes and an open mind. A perfect option for a newly retired person.”

Nelson BC, March 2018

Welcoming and supportive

Brett is so welcoming, encouraging and supportive. I really appreciated how she presented the activities in easy bite-sized chunks. As I am new to improv, it made it easy to tackle and a very fun evening!

Victoria BC, April 2018

Laughed so much

This was not really about ‘performance’, but allowing yourself to be spontaneous, which results in everyone enjoying themselves! Haven’t laughed so much in years!

Victoria BC, April 2018

Got out of my head!

FUN! This was a great distraction from the day to day. With Brett’s guidance I got out of my head for some play.

Victoria BC, May 2018

My cheeks hurt!

My cheeks hurt from so much laughter and smiling. Brett has such a lovely, warm and welcoming manner. She made the exercises fun and helped us reflect on what we were experiencing

Victoria BC, July 2017

A non-stressful night

Everyone walked out of there completely unafraid of the word IMPROV. This was a relaxing, engaging, and non-stressful night of fun and laughs. Very enjoyable all around. Would highly recommend.

Victoria BC, April 2018