Helping people rediscover the joy and benefits of play!

I help people explore and express themselves using laughter and play.
In our workshops I will guide you through a series of improv games and exercises, always leaving time for us to reflect on how these experiences mirror real life experiences.
The skills we learn and experience in the workshop can help us achieve a more present and positive life.
My passion is to help people rediscover the benefits and joy of play.
Bringing to life the improv ideas of 'Yes, and..', being in the moment and embracing failure in our day-to-day routines can open up new windows in our minds.
The thrill of pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and then surprising yourself is what improv is - and what life should be - all about.
As I began my journey into the world of improv over 10 years ago, I would hear statements such as, Be Present, Be Open, Be Curious and I soon found myself repeating these statements outside of improv. They became woven within my own personal growth.
So I encourage you.. Be Present, Be Open, Be Curious.
Be Improv.

Let me introduce myself!

Hello and welcome!
My name is Brett Macdonald and I am an improvisor and educator in Victoria BC, Canada.
Growing up I performed in musical theatre every summer. As an adult, I fell in love with the thrill and spontaneity of improvised theatre. I also soon realized the positive impact it was having on my own life. I became more mindful and observant of the world around me. I slowed down and became a more appreciative listener. I also noticed how much more playful I was becoming in other areas of life, more willing to confidently try new things.
All of this? Thanks to improv!
And so, Be Improv was born. A place to share the benefits and joy of improv with my community. A space where people connect with each other and rediscover the joy of play.
So, are you ready for some laughter, connection and personal growth?
Find out more about my workshop themes and then get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!