The Be Improv Workshops are for people who aspire to develop their individual life skills or group work skills in a safe and fun environment. These workshops are whole group participatory experiences that use improv theatre exercises and games to get us out of our heads and into the moment. Unlike individual coaching or traditional team building sessions, the Be Improv Workshops are based on group improv exercises. We will create a relaxed and safe space and use improv to explore, play and reflect on the 'a-ha' moments that emerge.

Professional Workshops


... a room that is vibrant with discussion and laughter. A room where people feel heard, are empowered to speak up, and where innovative ideas emerge. I believe this is what collaboration looks, sounds, and feels like. I understand what it's like to be on a team that doesn't communicate or engage. I’ve been there and felt the frustration. I felt disheartened, like there was no way forward. But there was, and there is! We all deserve to be part of a room of engaged and inspired people who are creating and growing together. I believe collaboration is built on the foundation of connection. Let’s get that foundation started!

And what improv teaches us is what workplaces need. Improv builds skills that have a lasting impact; it offers a skill set rooted in spontaneity and adaptability. Improv teaches us how to think on our feet, how to listen and observe what’s happening around us, and most importantly, how to respond.

The Foundation of my Professional Workshops


Mindset Shift

Group Connection


Curious what this might look like in your organization?

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