I'm still wondering... FAQs!

Do I need to have experience in improv?

Not at all. The games I choose for us to play will be fun and attainable by everyone.

I already have experience doing improv, is that OK?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

Are we just going to do role-play exercises?

Not at all. We are going to laugh, take risks and play games based on the theme of the workshop. We will also make time to reflect on the thoughts and experiences of the games and share how they may connect to our everyday lives. 

What do you mean 'improv exercises and games'?

Before improvisors get on stage, they spend months (or years!) training their brains and bodies to prepare. As an improvisor you practice being a good listener, being ready to make your partner look good, to be a "yes, and!" partner instead of a "no, but" partner, and so many more skills. To practice all these skills, improvisors play fun and entertaining exercises and games... these are what I will share with you.

Will I have to perform in front of an audience?

No, these are workshops where we will just play. If there is a chance to perform in front of the group, you are given the option.

What if I'm uncomfortable and don't want to do an exercise?

I encourage everyone to try everything, but every exercise is an invitation.

Do I have to know people in the workshop to participate?

If it's an open community workshop, everyone is welcome!

I'm really nervous... are you sure I can do this?

Yes! We will begin by creating a safe environment for the whole group. It will be a place to explore, play and reflect comfortably.

How many people are usually in a group?

6-12 people (unless it's a specific workshop for a larger group)

Is there an age limit?