The Be Improv Workshops are for people who aspire to develop their individual life skills or group work skills in a safe and fun environment. These workshops are whole group participatory experiences that use improv theatre exercises and games to get us out of our heads and into the moment. Unlike individual coaching or traditional team building sessions, the Be Improv Workshops are based on group improv exercises. We will create a relaxed and safe space and use improv to explore, play and reflect on the 'a-ha' moments that emerge.

Workshop Packages

~ How does telling a story with a partner one-word-at-a-time help you reflect on being a good listener?
~ How does passing a clap around a circle help you experience being in the moment?
~ How does it feel to hear a 'Yes, and...' versus a 'Yes, but...' when you are collaborating with others?
These are some of the questions we will dive into during these invigorating workshops that support a collaborative environment, boost creativity, and encourage innovation. Find out more about the specific workshop themes here.

The Happy Hour Workshop

1 hour
6-14 participants
A short and fun 1-hour workshop to fit into your day! Whether it’s a lunchtime session to rejuvenate and inspire or a ‘Happy Hour’ workshop to play and unwind after work, we will have an hour together collaborating and laughing with improv-inspired games and exercises. This short workshop can be tailored to your group’s needs and based around any theme (e.g. communication, small talk, trust).


The Taster Workshop

2 hours
6+ participants
An interactive 2-hour workshop customized for your group. This workshop offers participants time to not only play and collaborate together, but also to reflect on how the workshop activities apply to your lives. We will explore a chosen theme (e.g. collaboration, being present, embracing failure) by playing games and doing exercises that bring aspects of that theme to life. 


The Impactor (Workshop) Series

6 hours (3 x 2 hours)
6+ participants
A set of three 2-hour workshops designed to deliver an impactful experience to your group. Similar to the Taster Workshop, this series offers participants time to play and collaborate together, as well as reflect on how the workshop activities apply your life. This set of customized sessions will help your team consistently practice and hone the skills needed for effective communication and collaboration through playful engagement and games.


The Tailored Workshop

Can’t quite see what you are looking for? Not sure exactly what your group needs? That is not a problem! These workshops can be specifically tailored, so contact me today to discuss what I can do for your group.
Every workshop includes:
  • Introduction time
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Guided exercises and games based on the theme
  • Time for reflection throughout
  • A short break (& gummy bears!)
  • Conclusion with reflection and short discussion

If any of these workshops sound like something you need or are excited to explore, please contact me to discuss more!